The Vorstin Stage


The Vorstin Stage in Netherlands is a renowned venue known for its vibrant performances and live events. In a recent project focused on stage lighting, the team at The Vorstin collaborated with Splitter Pro, a leading brand in professional lighting equipment. The project involved the utilization of Splitter Pro's Dual-zone rack mountable professional DMX512 splitter/booster with RDM functionality.

The Splitter Pro Dual-zone splitter proved to be an invaluable asset in the project, offering reliable and efficient distribution of DMX signals to multiple lighting fixtures on the stage. With its optically isolated design, the splitter ensured clean and interference-free signal transmission, resulting in enhanced lighting control and synchronization.

The versatility of the Splitter Pro Dual-zone splitter allowed the team at The Vorstin to create distinct lighting zones on the stage, enabling precise control over different areas and highlighting specific performers or stage elements. This flexibility greatly contributed to the overall visual impact and immersive experience of the performances.

Furthermore, the inclusion of RDM functionality provided advanced monitoring and configuration capabilities. It allowed the lighting technicians at The Vorstin to remotely monitor the status of connected devices, diagnose any issues, and make necessary adjustments without interrupting the live shows. This streamlined workflow and enhanced control significantly improved the efficiency and reliability of the stage lighting system.

The successful collaboration between The Vorstin Stage Netherlands and Splitter Pro exemplified the commitment to delivering top-notch lighting experiences. By incorporating the Splitter Pro Dual-zone splitter into their project, The Vorstin further solidified its reputation as a premier destination for unforgettable live performances.