Teatro de la Zarzuela

Madrid, Spain

Teatro de la Zarzuela Project: Innovative Stage Lighting with ArtGate Pro by Sundrax Entertainment

Teatro de la Zarzuela introduces a new era in stage lighting with the cutting-edge technology of ArtGate Pro by Sundrax Entertainment. ArtGate Pro is a compact device capable of converting Art-Net and sACN signals to DMX, offering up to eight optically isolated DMX ports and a built-in 2-port Ethernet switch.

Our team of theater engineers and designers enthusiastically embraced the challenge of integrating ArtGate Pro into our lighting setup. Not only does this device provide reliable DMX signal transmission, but it also offers convenient rack-mountable installation.

With ArtGate Pro, we can achieve new heights in our stage productions. Its high performance and reliability allow us to create captivating lighting effects that enhance our performances. With the built-in Ethernet switch, we can also streamline our network infrastructure, ensuring a stable connection between control devices and lighting equipment.

With ArtGate Pro by Sundrax Entertainment, Teatro de la Zarzuela continues its pursuit of innovation and quality in the realm of stage arts. This reliable and powerful device unlocks new possibilities for our creative ideas and makes our performances unforgettable for our audience.