Ithra Theatre

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Welcome to Ithra Theatre in the heart of Dhahran, where the splendor of the arts meets cutting-edge technology. We are thrilled to present to you a unique project crafted using the innovative DaliGate DIN equipment from Sundrax Entertainment.

Every moment on stage is an opportunity to bring your story to life. Collaborating with DaliGate DIN, the stage lighting at Ithra Theatre enhances the emotions and expressions of every performer. Shadows, colors, and the intensity of light become a part of your expression, adding new dimensions to your art.

DaliGate DIN is more than just technology. It is the gateway to a world of creativity where sound and light become a unified orchestra. Your journey into the realm of the arts begins at this moment. DaliGate DIN provides precise and emotive control of stage lighting, accentuating every note of your performance and adding an extra layer of visual depth.