ArtLAN Pro

Fiber/Ethernet Gigabit switch for pro lighting industry

    ArtLAN Pro is a managed Ethernet switch, created for applications in the show industry. A feature of the network switch is the presence of 8 Ethernet ports with connectors etherCON operating at 10/100 /1000 Mbps, and two interfaces for SFP installation modules hardware / software optimized to work with protocols ArtNet (1,2,3,4), sACN (Draft, Release), KiNet (v1, v2), RTTrPL. Switch supports issuing IEEE 802.3af (Power over Ethernet (PoE)). 

    To configure the equipment, you can use the built-in Web-interface or unique specially designed software ARISTO. The device is designed in a housing for installation in a 19-inch "rack" rack and can be used at positive temperatures indoors and in covered areas. The flexibility in the device is characterized by its compactness, low weight, small depth equal to 110 mm, the ability to install on a truss and the fact that the converter can only occupy one height (1U) in a 19 ”rack-mountable rack.

    • Natural Heat Convection Sundrax Entertainment Lighting Control

      Natural Heat Convection

      Natural Heat Convection

      No fans, no coolers, no vent slots - full protection from dust

    • Power over Ethernet Sundrax Entertainment Lighting Control

      Power over Ethernet

      Power over Ethernet

      PoE 802.3af mode A, B: network cable may carry power supply, only network connection may be made

    • Friendly-UI Sundrax Entertainment Lighting Control

      User-Friendly Web Interface

      User-Friendly Web Interface

      A simple web interface that works exactly as the user expects it to

    • 1U rack form factor 11 cm deep with IP20 protection

      Supports eight 1000BaseT Ethernet ports

      Supports two SFP modules

      Support for ArtNet protocols (1,2,3,4), sACN (Draft, Release), KiNet (v1, v2), RTTrPL

      Save function for setting profiles

      Fixed IP support to access the settings

      IEEE 802.3af (Power over Ethernet (PoE)) on eight Ethernet ports

      Intuitive web interface

      Free cooling function without use of fans and holes in the case

      PowerCON TRUE1 Power connector


    Housing: Short 1U Rack
    Material: metal
    Dimensions, mm: 482 (L) x 44 (H) x 220 (W)
    Weight: 1.6 kg
    Mounting: in a rack, 1 module

    Power & Electrical

    Power supply: ~ 100-250 V, 50/60 Hz, PoE
    Max power consumption: 5W
    Fuse: 0.5 A


    Operating temperatures: 0 ... + 60 ° C
    Storage temperatures: -50 ... + 70C
    Max. relative humidity: 95%
    IP Rating: IP 20
    Certificates: EAC, CE, RoHS
    Warranty: 36 months

    Control / Data Connections

    Supported protocols: ArtNet I, II, III, IV,
    sACN draft, release, KiNet v1, v2, RTTrPL

    Inputs / Outputs

    Ethernet ports: 8 (10/100/1000 Base-TX)
    Ethernet connectors: RJ-45 / etherCon
    Optical connectors: 2 SFP
    PowerCON ports: 1 (TRUE1)

    Configuration / Indication

    Configuration: web interface
    Indicators: LED for Ethernet and PoE

    Package Contents

    ArtLAN Pro
    Power cable

    • ArtLAN Pro
    • ALP-6-8E2F
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